YouTube Channel Launch

Click here to visit the channel now, show your love and subscribe! I’m delighted to share the brand new YouTube channel of Healthy & Wealthy, which is called Elevate and Transcend. In this channel, you will find stories, experiences, wisdom as well as guided meditations, affirmations and prayers. A dedicated channel about my personal storiesContinue reading “YouTube Channel Launch”

Drugs to Access Altered States? No, Meditation. Here is How

Your mind has the potential to feel and experience altered states. It’s just that we are too used to think and believe that only drugs can deliver that experience. You must have heard that it is said we only use 20% of our brains. Have you ever thought what we could be capable of, ifContinue reading “Drugs to Access Altered States? No, Meditation. Here is How”

The 11 Must Have Books to Elevate Yourself to a Higher Level

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that support my creative work at no extra cost for you. Let’s face it. It’s hard do develop ourselves as a better person without any inputs. It always has to be a person, or something that triggers that response in us to be wanting more for ourselves. We allContinue reading “The 11 Must Have Books to Elevate Yourself to a Higher Level”

Leave It To The Universe- The Power of Letting Go

THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS. ANY SALES MADE THROUGH SUCH LINK WILL REWARD ME A SMALL COMMISSION AT NO EXTRA COST FOR YOU. In this post today I’m going to talk about the power of letting go and knowing you no longer have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. AccordingContinue reading “Leave It To The Universe- The Power of Letting Go”

Move From A State Of Fear To Trust

We are constantly terrorized by our own thinking. Many of us think scary, unhappy, negative and self sabotaging thoughts. Thoughts against us. Not in our favor. Thoughts are our best allies but can convert into our worst enemies. “If you hold it in your head you can hold it in your hand”. This is aContinue reading “Move From A State Of Fear To Trust”

Dead ends brings new beginnings

Have you ever felt as what you are doing is not satisfying you anymore? Or maybe it never did. Maybe a lack of purpose and meaning in what you are doing, a job you are doing for the salary, or something that doesn’t give you that burning interest that pushes you forward. In 2018 IContinue reading “Dead ends brings new beginnings”

Visualize Trust Manifest How to achieve anything you desire

An Italian saying goes: “Ridi che la vita ti sorride”. It means: Smile and life will smile back at you. That means, your attitude towards life can shape what direction you are going to.If you’ve been stuck in all or some aspects of your life, it’s worth to have a look at what your recurringContinue reading “Visualize Trust Manifest How to achieve anything you desire”

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